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  • Vision

    To provide the industry's best service

  • Location

    Based on the market - the spreader of technology value [maximize the company's products or systems application technology and performance, corresponding to the actual usage needs of customers] Based on the company - the propeller of product improvement [ feedback the product market performance information to the company's technical resources sector, to promote the improvement of product quality and design quality, improving customers' product satisfaction]

  • Object

    To provide customers with convenient, valued, secure, professional, considerate and trustworthy service

  • Brand

    6A service - six key moments to contact with customers , the extreme service is A level service


  • Convenient

    24-hour hotline opened, fax, email, QQ, network phone and other channels to accept customer issues, first staff responsible for complain following;

  • Valued

    respond to customers within 1 hour , offer problem-solving solutions and plans in customers' presence;

  • Secure

    Outlets and warranty center all over the domestic provinces and cities, quickly reach the customer site within 24 hours, fast service security;

  • Professional

    1, quickly solve on-site problems, professional customer response, rigorous processing procedure;
    2, train customers with product maintenance, maintenance and operational knowledge;

  • Considerate

    visit customers within 72 hours, caring customers' experience, ensure the normal usage of products;

  • Trustworthy

    issue professional analysis report of products issues, prevent the scene hidden dangers, and provide security services;

Service flow

Process Description:

1. The customer may call the INVT after-sales service hotline or the regional service hotline to seek service if there is a failure in the use of the product or if the user has problems in debugging the product parameters.
2. The customer should provide the following information: name of the contact person, contact information, machine type, number, failure phenomenon.
3. The INVT service engineer communicated and directed the user through the telephone and gave the troubleshooting scheme after receiving the customer's failure report.
4. In case of unsolved telephone communication, the engineer shall arrange the engineer to provide the service or notify the customer to send to the designated maintenance site for maintenance.
5. In either way, the ultimate goal is to help the customer solve the problem before the service is completed.

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