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So Deeply Touching - INVT Global Partners Conference 2018

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The eighth INVT global partners conference was successfully held in Shenzhen INVT Guangming technology building on Dec. 17th, 2018, and its theme is: ‘Leaving Behind Past, Marching Toward Future'. Global partners, as well as leaders and members from the overseas business unit, joined the event together.
In order to make the partners feel warm, this conference was so deeply touching in many arrangements, let us look at it together:

Part 1: multilingual "Welcome home" check-in wall

The check-in board, which brings together 29 languages around the world, is the most sincere welcome to all global partners. No matter where you come from, just come to INVT, because this is your home.
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Part 2: 10M Club formally established

Bernard Shaw once said, "if you have an apple, I have an apple, exchange with each other, each of us still has only one apple; if you have a thought, I have a thought, exchange with each other, each of us has two or more thoughts. " In order to better exchange and share experience, 10M club emerged as the times require.

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Part 3:Exclusive customized porcelain appliance
Today, most people like the stuff what are carefully prepared, which means you need to spend more time and energy to prepare for the gifts, just like these tea-things and cup-things added with exclusive mark. Every little says the full love of INVT to global partners.

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Part 4: delicious afternoon tea
After a highly focused meeting, the appropriate tea break time allows the global partners to relax. Fine food and drinks can not only restore the partners' physical strength, but also encourage them to enjoy the relaxation of their body and mind, to regain the innocence of children, and to stimulate creative thinking.

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Part 5: happy selfies and professional photos
Some feelings, some scenery, some atmosphere, may only exist once, so just picks up the camera, let the recollection freeze in the happy moment. The global partner plays is so happy to take the professional photos and the interesting photograph. I believe that when they see the photos, they can still recall the moment of happiness in INVT.

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Part 6: birthday party with jubilant atmosphere
Life is like a sea, ups and downs, and each of us will walk a long way in life. We will meet a lot of people, but no one can always accompany around. At the moment we will carefully prepare birthday candles and cakes to celebrate the birthday for the global partners.
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The 2018 global partners conference was over, and these memories will remain in everyone's mind forever, looking forward to seeing you next year.