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The Highlights of 2018 INVT Global Partners Conference

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The 2018 INVT Global Partners Conference will be held in INVT Guangming Technology Building on Dec. 17th 2018. This conference is embroidered on “Leaving behind past, Marching toward future”, and we are going to discuss about the way of development with global partners and then create a bright future.

AC servo system

So what are the highlights of 2018 INVT Global Partners Conference? Let's take a look at this:

New Product Appearance

With the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection and other strategies, the demand of enterprises to reduce energy cost and consumption has directly driven the growth of inverter market. After a long period of exploration and integration of resources, INVT has gradually made a breakthrough in the Inverter technology, and has produced a series of new products, such as: GD350 series high-performance multi-function inverter, GD600 series multi-drive inverter, DA300 intelligent AC servo system, new HMI-VS series and programmable controller IVC3 provide customers with a more diversified product line and more stable product performance.

variable frequency drive

New R&D Labs Visited

With the further development of information technology and industry 4.0, it has a certain impact on the traditional industrial control equipment manufacturers. In order to comply with the market changes, INVT's R&D direction and strategy began to be standardized, open, intelligent and systematic. And 17 laboratories, such as equipment development laboratories, safety regulations laboratories, and technology development laboratories, have been built and put into use one after another, which not only enhances the ability of enterprises to avoid risks, but also ensures the competitiveness of market products. It also shows the determination and ability of INVT to blaze new trails.

New Image Spread

The overall upgrade of VI is an important measure for INVT to pay attention to brand perfection. It has always hoped to complete the brand layout in all levels of the market, and to further build the brand operation and communication system. Through constant attempts and innovations, we have established and formed an interactive marketing network of Google advertising, professional media, social media and official websites, expanding the brand's influence overseas and introducing Alibaba, Directindustry and other online sales platform, build the online and offline integration of the channel pattern, brand image to the end users, dedicated to word-of-mouth to improve the good sense of the brand users.

Leaving behind past, marching toward future. INVT will work with global partners to jointly innovate marketing mode, deepen brand promotion, deep cultivation of user thinking, synchronously promote service and brand two major development directions, to provide more valuable products and solutions for customers.

Finally, welcome global partners to INVT, let’s look forward to and wish this conference can be held successfully.