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Advance with the Times and Lead the Trend of Intelligent Innovation - Interview with Ms. Ying Li, Vice President of INVT

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After 40 years of rapid development in reform and opening up, China's industrial automation industry has grown out of nothing, and many local companies have been continuously independent innovating and self-reliance on the road of technological breakthroughs. So far, a number of Chinese brands enterprises have been emerging in the market to compete in the global market. INVT is one of the best.

Supported by the core technology of drive control, INVT emerged from the inverter industry and successfully listed in 2010. As a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, it carried the flag of revitalizing national industrial automation industry. For many years, INVT has not only been the forefront innovation in the field of automation, but also leading the development trend in the ascendant intelligent tide.

In just few years, with the rise of the concept of Industry 4.0, the industrial control market is happening profound transformation. At this critical moment in the development phase of the market, what new plans and strategies will INVT continue to maintain its leader position in the industry? During the 2018 Shanghai Expo, CONTROL ENGINEERING China had the opportunity to interview Li Ying, Vice President of INVT Group, and asked her to share the insights and outlook of INVT on the future competitive situation.

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Ms. Ying Li, Vice President of INVT Group

Independent R&D Leading Innovation, Four-Units Creating Impressive Achievements
In the 2018 semi-annual report, INVT achieved a total operating income of 17.05% over the same period of the previous year to 10.35 billion RMB, and the industrial automation business achieved steady growth. Under the "new normal" economic background, INVT still handed in a beautiful transcript, which came from INVT for  the accurate understanding of the market trends and the step-by-step promoting steadfastly.

Ms. Ying Li said that in combination with changes in market demand, INVT will focus on four business units: industrial automation, new energy vehicles, network energy and rail transit. The innovative development driven by independent R&D has become the key word for the outstanding performance of the four units. She said: "Based on INVT's polybasic self-developed product technology advantages, we can provide customized equipment solutions for a variety of industries now, such as new energy electric vehicle powertrain, network energy data center solutions, etc.."

Today, this kind of advantage based on independent R&D has been continuously penetrated in the development of INVT various business units. For example, in the layout planning of industrial automation business, INVT is relying on independent innovation to develop a comprehensive product layout model that is more in line with intelligent manufacturing requirements in order to cover all levels of products from information layer, control layer, driver layer to bottom layer infrastructure unit and provide strong technical support for the new fields what we continues to expand and new industries. Ms. Li said, “In the first half of 2018, the industrial automation industry unit achieved a 20% growth, confirming market recognition and competitiveness for our automation technology solutions.”

When talking about the reasons for the sustained and rapid development of the four business units, Ms. Li believes that the development of INVT is inseparable from the economic dividend that has emerged along with the 40 years of China’s reform and opening up. On the one hand, the sustained economic growth has provided a fast-growing soil for private enterprises; on the other hand, the increasingly open global competition has also brought a new technological vision and market to INVT, and given the responsibility and motivation of developing the independent intellectual property rights for INVT.

Step by Step, Gradually Guide the Intelligent Upgrade Path
While the global manufacturing industry is moving toward digital and intelligent manufacturing, more and more Chinese manufacturing companies are also giving full play to their respective advantages and developing an intelligent development path with Chinese characteristics. Ms. Li said: "Implementing intelligent manufacturing is a long process. INVT also needs to be down-to-earth and step by step." She pointed out that with the focus on the current transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing companies, INVT will gradually guide intelligent upgrade path for itself and users, which based on solid industrial control and information technology accumulation.

At present, a prominent sign in this regard is that INVT has gradually developed from product intelligence stage of R&D automation and information fusion into the stage of R&D equipment - level intelligence solution. Ms. Li said "Based on the understanding and layout of the intelligent manufacturing market, we are moving from product intelligence to equipment intelligence. In the next step towards the factory intelligence solution, we will also strengthen the enterprise through combined other strong companies and complementary advantages in a wider scope. "

Today, such an upgrade path has achieved good results in many end-user markets. For example, in 2017, INVT successfully signed 11 sets of low-temperature drilling rig system core drive inverter projects with Russian oil, breaking through the long-term monopoly of international first-line brands. We had achieved barrier-free operation in harsh applications down to minus 40 degrees. The success of this project not only reflects the business expansion and breakthrough of INVT, which benefits from the initiative of “Belt and Road”, but also the gradual advancement of intelligent upgrade. Under the guidance of the intelligent path of INVT, we believe that such breakthroughs will also appear in more fields.

Insight into Core of Intelligent Competition, Support Globalization by Talent Strategy
Now, in the global scope, intelligence has become the focus of competition among many leading industrial companies. Many Chinese companies interested are also competing in this market. Unlike many peers who only regard intelligent competition as a technology competition, INVT has profoundly realized from a very early age that the core of intelligent competition is actually the competition of talents, and this is undoubtedly a globalized and fierce elite battle.

In order to cope with such global talent competition, INVT's strategy is to share the value of innovation with outstanding talents. It has established a relatively complete revenue sharing mechanism in the salary design, especially for the core technical talents to provide a higher salary system with the same industry competitiveness. In addition, INVT also introduced professional consultants to establish a variety of employee incentives and equity incentives, and built a technical and management-oriented dual development promotion channel for employee development. In the face of future talent growth, INVT has also established special research laboratories in cooperation with many universities across the country to strengthen talent exchange and training. This long-term initiative provides a stable talent resource for industry and enterprise development.

From the domestic general inverter and inverter product leader to the global competition of industrial automation, network energy, rail transit and new energy vehicles, INVT is on the shoulder of a private enterprise and resists the banner of national industrial development. Although he is in the capital market, he never speculates. In the seemingly traditional development path, we are constantly innovating product technology and development strategies with the times, and we have delivered a satisfactory answer to customers and employees every year. "Big waves and sands start in the real gold, and the sea is full of heroes." The market is changing, and the future INVT will stick to its original dream. While building on industrial manufacturing, it will keep pace with the times and innovate, and continue to lead the intelligent era. The road to take off!