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Leaving Behind Past, Marching Toward Future - INVT 2018 Global Partners Conference

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On November 10, 2018, INVT Guangming Technology Building was officially put into use, which marks the beginning of a new chapter for this national enterprise after 16 years. The 2018 Global Partners Conference will also be held on December 15-18, 2018 here. The theme of this conference is " Leaving Behind Past,Marching Toward Future."  We are going to be together with partners from all over the world to sum up the past, based on the present, looking forward to the future and explore a new road of " Manufacturer has sound growth, Distributor has bright future."
Back to past, sails passed by, superficialities wiped out
At the present, here we gather, the continents astonished
In the aftertime, leaving behind past, marching toward future
Leaving Behind Past
INVT has focused on two fields of industrial automation and energy power since it was founded 16 years ago, with the mission of " Make all efforts to offer value-added products and services to strengthen client’s competitive advantages."and provide users with the most valuable products and solutions.
In 2017, the operating performance of INVT reached a new high, with operating income of 2.1 billion CNY. The core business developed at a high speed. It redefined its new business structures with industry applications, especially creative solution applications, and formed industrial automation. New energy vehicles, network energy, rail transit four major business sectors. In the same year, the contract project of core drive inverter for overseas oil cryogenic drilling rig system was successfully signed, and the project of Shenzhen Metro Line 9 was successfully awarded to our autonomous rail transit traction system. Since its foundation, INVT has been insisting on R & D innovation, with R & D investment rising year by year. By 2017, R & D investment had reached 11.8% of its operating income, ranking among the industry leaders.
industrial automation inverter
With the operation of INVT Guangming Technology Building in 2018, We will provide customers with advanced integrated products development and design management, comprehensive products R&D and automated information production. In the past 16 years, INVT has made a lot of proud achievements, and these are only a beginning, not the end.

Marching Toward Future

2018 is coming to an end, but our struggle is not over. The demand which was brought about by consumption upgrading has led to the change of market in competitive landscape from product and technology driven to brand and service driven. In the after-sales market, with the diversification of sales models, the master distributors of inverter need to be transformed and upgraded urgently from traditional simple dealers to service providers. In the face of such a grim situation, what will be the future of INVT?
Answer?  Of course not, we don’t know the way forward. But in any case, the future belongs to each INVT person who keeps pursuing dreams, does not give up, and tries his best to climb a new peak. No matter when, the steps forward of INVT will never stop, with the spirit of pious craftsmen, sincere mind, embrace a broader future, create more miracles, better service customers, create value.
"Leaving behind past, marching toward future", this is the attitude of our INVT family!