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INVT's Charging Technology Landed on the Largest Domestic Vehicle Exhibition

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The 10-day 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, held from Apr. 19 to Apr. 28, 2017 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), finally ended successfully.

As a pioneering corporate well-known for its domestic new energy vehicles’ charging products, INVT made its appearance at the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) with a variety of newly-launched products. It presents its technological breakthroughs acquired in various new energy vehicle fields as well as its professional solutions for charging technologies. Meanwhile, INVT will conduct professional products presentation during the exhibition so that the visitors can grasp a direct and comprehensive understanding of the properties of INVT’s products and experience such properties themselves. 

For the publicity and promotion of this Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, INVT Electric Vehicle Drive Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. conducted much early layout works and planned carefully. It brought with diverse new products including the on-board chargers for new energy vehicles, DC-DC converters, DC charging module, CDU three-in-one, charging piles, and motor controllers, etc. In terms of the innovativeness, safety, usability, durability and diversity, INVT’s products comprehensively prove the pioneering advantages of new energy vehicles’ charging. INVT’s business relative to new energy vehicles has comprehensively covering charging and electric controlling areas, becoming the core driver for the new energy vehicle industry. Thanks to the advantages in its profound technological reserve, improved product line and rich project experience, INVT is now equipped with strong core competitiveness in the new energy vehicles’ charging area.

As an influential exhibitor in areas of charging products and solutions, INVT Electric Vehicle Drive Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. received positive market repercussion and acquired excellent promotive effects during this Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. INVT attracted thousands of visitors and communicated with them in front of the booth. Several professional experts expressed their strong interest in INVT as well. Besides, it drew the attention from various international and domestic well-known brands such as Yutong, Honda and BMW, etc. They heartily communicated with each other about the current situation and development of INVT’s new energy charging technologies.

Domestic and overseas visitors go to and fro in constant streams in front of INVT’s booth and customers from Britain, Italy, Japan, Korea and Ukraine, etc., were rather interested in INVT’s charging and electric controlling products. This exhibition was not only an overall presentation of INVT’s comprehensive strength, but also conveyed the rising ambition of China’s self-owned new energy corporates to the outside world.