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INVT, as a Leading Brand, Made its Appearance at Shanghai Charging Pile Exhibition

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The three-day 9th Shanghai International Charging Station (Pile) Technological Equipment Exhibition officially ended on Aug. 25, 2017. As an exhibitor who joined the exhibition for the first time, INVT Electric Vehicle Drive Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. had attracted great attention and favor since the Opening Ceremony. Besides, the outlook topped our expectations when it comes to the booth layout, the products’ exhibitive effects and the customers’ demands, etc.

INVT is a large pioneering corporate in the industry, with designing, R&D, production, sales, promotion and service set in one. By virtue of our outstanding corporate manufacturing and products R&D advantages, INVT was widely followed and confirmed by many industry insiders, receiving much admiration and recognition from the customers. This Shanghai exhibition rendered INVT with much attention from the participants. Besides, a large number of customers accomplished the initial negotiation with our staff members after detailed introduction and interpretation by INVT’s business elites and the further discussion and cooperation would soon be conducted. With the help of the perfect combination of INVT’s rich practical experiences and more advanced products technologies, our products could meet the requirements of diverse customers.

(Answering all the customers’ questions carefully and patiently. INVT’s profession and attentiveness received much recognition from each customer who came to communicate with us.)

(Customers from all over the world expressed their strong interest in INVT’s charging products. Our business elites are communicating with each customer and introducing our products to them with their comprehensive and skilled professional knowledge.)

INVT’s Shanghai International Charging Station (Pile) Technological Equipment Exhibition successfully ended. INVT upheld the philosophy of “artisan spirit” during the whole exhibition and kept improving. We insisted on offering our customers high-qualified products and was therefore recognized by our customers and friends. We firmly believe that INVT will never fall short of everyone’s expectations and will surely provide the customers with more excellent products under your support and confirmation. In 2017, INVT will stick to its beliefs, strive for innovation and grow up together with our friends from various industries. Let’s create a win-win jointly!